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Soul Journeys offers Inspirational Health Retreats in Andalucia, Spain. Healing, self-nurture, rest and renewal is the core essence of these retreats. The experience of this spectacular mountain region in Spain will be a great attraction to those who enjoy a ‘back to nature’ ambience.
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A natural paradise

Between the highest mountains in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, Los Alpujarras is one of the most enchanting and beautiful regions in the world. The high mountains have their own special beauty, coming alive in early summer with the scents of wild herbs and the spectacle of tiny, brilliantly coloured flowers. Panoramic views are in every direction. There is something else here too - this area has a tangible energy, or what the Spaniards call ‘duende’ or spirit, which is peaceful and expansive. Whatever it is, it is something which remains more than just the beautiful countryside, the time-honoured local customs, the peacefulness and the warm Andalucian sun . . . Tranquility, simplicity and closeness to heaven and earth are the core elements. In these mountains the healing powers of nature are strongly felt pervading sensory awareness.

A bit of history
The Moors took refuge in these hills after they were expelled from Granada. Their legacy is to be seen everywhere in the distinctive architecture of the mountain villages which are beautiful in their simplicity – a picture to behold, glistening white in the sun, roses and geraniums spilling from every nook and cranny. A visit to these famous and 'white' villages is a ‘must’.

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Daily rhythm
In true ‘aphrodite style’, this week will be devoted to gentle yoga, divine vegetarian cuisine, inspirational talks, self nurture, mountain walks, moonlight meditation, freshwater pool swimming . . .

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Emphasis will be on delicious vegetarian food! Much of our daily food will come from the organic vegetable garden.

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Each season has its own special magic and this time of the year is hot, although tempered by breezes from the mountains and the sea.  June - September are beautiful times with September assuredly the mildest and most abundant month with it’s figs, grapes, almonds. Most of our time will be spent outside, close to nature.

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