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About Lainey Ennis

I was born and educated in South Africa spending a great deal of my childhood in nature. It was here, under African skies, that the mystery and power of nature began to reveal itself . . . climbing the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, roaming the wide African veldt, exploring the bushy terrain of Zululand game reserves . . . these experiences reverberated and started a drumbeat inside me.

Lainey Ennis

My family moved to Australia in the late 70s where I continued my soul journey into another passion singing and music. It was as a performer and singer with a dance theatre company that brought me to Ireland in 1985. I fell in love with the soul in this country the land of my ancestors and so began another soul journey, one into the healing arts! Changing directions slightly yet with the music in my soul, I became a therapist after training in Aromatherapy and Colour Therapy, which then led to Hakomi Psychotherapy, Ayurvedic nutrition, Yoga and Kahuna massage from Hawaii.

Outdoor life and nature has been a lifelong passion and it is my belief that, when we leave the familiar and immerse ourselves in nature amidst areas of great natural, spiritual and mystical power and beauty, the psyche cannot resist the call to respond. I have journeyed with many teachers through many teachings to discover what will support and enhance the blossoming of a person. Through my own commitment to being the fullest, most vibrant expression of who I am, I have developed the capacity to see and nurture the creative light in those with whom I come in contact.

Lainey Yoga Pose
Over the past years I have distilled my beliefs, passion and broad experiences in creating Soul Journeys - inspirational retreats in exotic magical landscapes. Healing, nurture, rest and renewal is the core essence of these journeys. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Laughter and Abundance has been my companion, inspiration and celebration on my journey.

Testimonials about Lainey's work as an Aromatherapist and Psychotherapist:

"Lainey has brought about remarkable results in people's lives in her twenty-five years as spiritual mentor, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, body psychotherapist and group facilitator". NS

"I have attended many massage therapists over the years, some good, some average but once I started having sessions with Lainey, I knew I was experiencing something rare and unique. The degree of attention and care she brings to her work is altogether special. One never feels like just another body, but that one's individual needs are being attuned to in a particularly sensitive way. It is unusual in this day and age of rush and overwork to experience genuine care and attention in this way something which makes me keep coming back for more whenever possible. She has a gift, and shares it generously, from the heart." MOC

"My shoulder had been frozen, painful and restricted for some time when I went to Lainey for massage. I had had massage for it before, and there was always the feeling that it was an attempt to get rid of something, rather than to meet it and comfort it. It’s hard to convey the extraordinary quality of Lainey’s massage. Her touch on my shoulder was just what I had been longing for, her hands finding exactly the places that wanted soothing and easing. Combined with Lainey’s intuitive way of speaking to the body, and the beautiful smells, sounds and colour with which she creates the perfect environment to support healing, I came away feeling deeply cared for and nourished, in both my body and my soul." Kristin O'Donovan

"I have the highest regard for Lainey as both an aromatherapist and psychotherapist but more importantly as someone who is gifted, totally professional in the widest sense of the word, I continue to draw from her wisdom and guidance with issues facing me from my life". R.W.

"My healing experience with colour.............I was deeply moved after a colour therapy treatment with Lainey. Her care, love respect and dedication for her work was very beautiful and she seemed to enjoy giving the session as much as I enjoyed receiving it. I thank you for supporting me and guiding me so carefully and safely on my journey". Y.F.


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Lainey Ennis
Lainey Ennis