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Our lives today are full of stress and pressures, some we create ourselves, others we cannot control. Coping with stresses of modern life is an essential skill. Yoga is just one technique available to us to help with stress.

Yoga asanas are particularly helpful in relation to stress as they have a profound effect on the whole mind and body. Our central nervous system is nourished by the spine and the condition of our spine is largely responsible for our physical and emotional well being. In Yoga practice the spine is the most exercised part of the body so it is easy to see the benefits of Yoga practice.

Yoga postures also help to stimulate the lymphatic system. It helps to remove toxins from the body which if allowed to accumulate cause pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. The functioning of the glands is also regulated creating the correct balance in our system.

Maintaining physical flexibility will reduce tension pain in neck, shoulders, back and head - which is where the body stores stress.

As well as the postures, correct breathing is another important feature of Yoga practice. Breathing is one of the most important functions of the body and all other functions depend on it. Most of us use only a fraction of our lung capacity resulting in tension in the neck and back, improper functioning of the digestive system and a build up of toxins in the system.

Pranayama is the name given to Yoga breathing techniques. Benefits which can be derived from correct breathing are improved circulation, reduced tension, increased oxygen supply to all body cells and extra vitality due to more efficient supply of prana or life force throughout the body.

Yoga works on the principle that our inner reality gives shape to our outer reality. All we need to do is raise our core vibration to bring it into alignment with our highest heart desires and be willing to let go of the negative imprinting and experiences which interfere with our conscious intent.

May we all find a path around the obstacles (mental or physical) standing in the way of what we seek!

I invite you to join my regular yoga classes at Monkstown and Mt. Merrion, click here for further details.

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